Columbia Police Dept. to Provide Extra Enforcement in School Zones

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department will increase its presence in school zones, further enforcing the 20 mph speed limits. Its extra presence will start Thursday, August 16 and continue until August 31. The funding for this extra enforcement comes from an $8,000 grant from the Missouri Division of Highway Safety.

Kerrie Hummel-Logee, a crossing guard for Grant Elementary School, said she's witnessed many crashes and drivers in a hurry who do not slow down properly. Hummel-Logee said she thinks extra patrols are the best thing she the police department can do for the students.

Enforcement times for school speed limits differ across the city. Grant is at the corner of Garth and Broadway. On Garth Rd, the school speed limit starts in the morning and continues until late afternoon. The speed restrictions on Broadway take place at school start and end times of the day. Hummel-Logee said this is because of the library sits right across from the elementary school.