Columbia Police Focus Enforcement on High Crime Area

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department are focusing extra attention on Bodie Drive in North Columbia due to the high number of recent incidents in the area.

Columbia Police dispatch shows officers responded to 108 calls on Bodie Drive since the beginning of the year, including 10 burglaries and four larcenies.

Tuesday, police responded to a burglary on Bodie Drive. The victim of that burglary, who did not want to be identified due to personal safety concerns, said thieves took electronic goods worth an estimated $10,000 and nearly 36 weapons, including assault rifles.

Taisha Daniels also lives in the area and said she is planning to move out of the neighborhood due to the latests incidents.

"I don't let my kids come out and play as much as I used to because they got so much going on, sometimes you hear gun shots at night or people breaking into houses, therefore I am looking to move because of that," said Daniels.

Other neighbors said they are not aware of the situation.

"Lots of kids ride bikes, play ball...a couple of dogs, pretty quiet," said Thomas Oaklui, who has been living in the neighborhood since August. He said he has never heard about incidents on the street.

The neighborhood has seen a spike in burglaries since the beginning of the year, with six burglaries and private property thefts in February alone. The Columbia Police Department said it's addressing the issue. 

"That area has historically been a problem area, it goes through cycles, highs and lows, they are aware of it and they are trying to solve the issue through various means and resources we have," said Sergeant Joe Bernhard.

Bernhard said more police officers are patrolling the area in response to the increased amount of crime. He said police cannot release any suspect information. But some neighbors on Bodie Drive said young people could have done it.

"I think it's juveniles doing it, I don't think is someone around, I think it's juveniles going around getting what they can get," said Daniels.

Bodie Drive is in North Columbia off Highway 63 near Brown School Road. You can check out this map below, which has some of the incidents, including all the burglaries and larcenies of this year plotted on a Google Map.

[Editor's note: This story was edited to remove an improper reference to "artillery."]