Columbia Police Increase Burglary Watch Over Spring Break

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department is encouraging residents to take precautions to prevent spring break burglaries.

Last year there were 16 burglaries during MU's spring break, which was up from 15 in 2010.

The police department plans to increase patrols in areas where college students live during spring break. Over the most recent winter break, there were three robberies, 85 larcenies and 32 burglaries while students were away.

In the upcoming week, police will increase patrols of officers in plain clothes and in uniform that are in patrol vehicles and unmarked vehicles.

The police say that residents can prevent break ins while they're away by stopping their mail, halting packages and having neighbors check on their home.  The police department website also has a program called "watch and patrol" where people can list their address if they go out of town and the police will pay extra attention to those areas.