Columbia Police Increase Patrols for Holiday Weekend

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COLUMBIA - Starting Friday, the Columbia Police Department increased its saturation patrols. Officers will be looking for speeding drivers and drivers under the influence this Labor Day weekend.

Traffic Unit Supervisor, Sergeant Curtis Perkins said the increase in traffic for the Mizzou football game on Saturday in addition to being a holiday weekend caused this need for more patrols.

"This is a holiday weekend so we typically have a lot more people out with the holiday weekend, as well as it is the first University of Missouri home game so we expect a lot more traffic," said Perkins.

He also said Labor Day weekends in the past have been big weekends for accidents.

"In years past we've had more crashes during Labor Day weekend and statewide I know there's a trend that happens on holiday weekends. It is something we want to be on top of and prevent, rather than respond to the bad crisis afterwards," said Perkins.

Officer Scott Decker said there are some tips to be a safe driver.

"Put your phone down and take a breath. You will get there. Allow safe distances for safe following," said Decker.

Perkins said the patrols will look for drivers who are speeding, following too closely, and committing other aggressive driving violations. He said police will also conduct a sobriety checkpoint sometime during the week.