Columbia Police Investigate Overnight Break-ins

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COLUMBIA - Police investigated three overnight break-ins at Columbia businesses Wednesday.  All three break-ins took place between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Officials said the three stores hit were Roly Poly on Broadway, The Home Depot on Clark Lane and Bee Line on Old 63 South.

Roly Poly owner, Paul Tabaka, said his security video shows a hooded burglar throwing a large piece of concrete through the glass front door. The individual then entered the store, taking two cash registers and leaving the business in less than thirty seconds. Tabaka said he couldn't believe how fast it happened and lost almost $1,100. He said the damaged door cost him more than the cash from the registers.

"Basically they did about $1,100 worth of damage and they got $180 out of a register so woop-dee-do they got 180 bucks and did all that damage... that's what hurts the most... the loss."

The daytime manager at Home Depot said Wednesday afternoon he hadn't heard about a break-in. Officer Latisha Stroer from the Columbia Police Department says officers responded to a dispatch call at the Home Depot Clark Lane location because the store alarm went off and someone successfully entered the building.

Police reports for the Roly Poly and Home Depot incidents are not complete, but the Bee Line report is finished. Officer Stroer cited that report and said a cash register drawer was stolen. Bee Line managers had no comment.