Columbia Police investigate possible shooting threat at CPS

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COLUMBIA -  The Columbia Police Department spent the morning investigating a possible threat against Columbia Public Schools.

The post that was shared on social media mimics the one that has been spread around the country in warning of a possible school shooting.

The Columbia Police Department got involved once a student outside of Columbia shared a post with their friend who belongs to the Columbia Public School District. The student then shared the post, warning friends to not go to school because of the possible threat.

CPD deemed the post was not shared with malicious intent and that the student was just taking precaution.  However, units were still dispatched to schools around the district to take precaution.

Chief Deputy Schlude believes the silver lining out of this incident, aside from the fact that there was no credible threat directed at Columbia Public Schools, is the fact that students are taking advice from CPD and CPS to "see something and say something."

"There are kids and there are parents stepping up and saying hey, my child saw this, I feel like I need to report it and we're getting that information and being able to start that investigating process," Chief Deputy Schlude said.

Michelle Baumstark, Columbia Public Schools' Communications Relations Director, is also grateful her students feel comfortable enough to report things of this nature.

“We are working very hard of continue that culture of telling a trusted adult, telling law enforcement, telling a parent, telling a teacher, when you see something that is concerning or potentially could be a threat to the safety of yourself or others, we want our students to feel comfortable doing that," Baumstark said.