Columbia Police Launch Web Page Highlighting Crime Stats

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department has added a  new section to its website that lets residents see crime data.

The new addition includes graphs of both monthly and annual crime data. The graphs also include data about different types of violent and property crimes in Columbia.

Another feature of the web page is the ability to see different priority of calls, what time of day, and the response time of officers.  

Sgt. Joe Bernhard said the department's crime analyst has been working on tracking crime rates for months, but decided to display them on the department's website after several summer shootings.

He said the new web page is an effort to allow residents to see hard numbers and statistics of the crime happening.

"It just gives them more information on what is happening in their community...whether crime is going up or down. From the graph, you can see violent crime this year is actually trending down, and property crime is up," said Bernhard.

To check out the website, go here.