Columbia Police offer safety tips for this holiday

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COLUMBIA - If you're leaving town this holiday season, the Columbia Police Department has some safety tips to make sure your home is secure from burglaries.

Public Information Officer for the Columbia Police Department, Latisha Stroer, said the number one prevention would be to have your house look like you're still home.

"You can do several things," Stroer said. "Having your lights, radio and television on timers around the house as well as stop all mail and newspapers from being delivered."

Stroer also said it's important to make sure all doors and windows are locked.

"Make sure that all the lock mechanisms are working," she said.

According to CPD data, the average number of burglaries over the past five years was 61 in November and 67 in December. This year during the Thanksgiving break 28 burglaries occurred in residential homes from Nov. 21 through Dec. 2.

Stroer said it doesn't matter where you live. Burglaries happen across the city.