Columbia Police Respond to Shots Fired on Rosemary Lane

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COLUMBIA - Columbia police officers responded minutes after receiving multiple calls at 1:39 a.m. about a suspect firing a gun near the 1300 block of Rosemary Lane.  Sergeant Jill Wieneke with the department said officers searched the area for the male suspect who was seen walking in the area prior to firing the gun.

No one was injured in the incident.  Wieneke said it is not known whether or not there was a particular target or if it was a random act.  Officers interviewed several witnesses at the scene. 

KOMU 8 spoke to apartment residents Sunday who did not want to be identified. They claim the shots were the result of some sort of conflict. They said the suspect threw a potted plant at the apartment balcony, then left and returned with a gun, which they believe the suspect fired four to five times.

Residents say the police roped off the area where they found 5 bullet shells.

The police report describes the suspect as male, white, 6 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 3 inches tall, and someone who was in the Rosemary are prior to firing shots.

Neighbors said they believe the subject to be in his twenties with brown hair. They said they saw him wearing a white hoodie at the time of the incident.