Columbia Police Review Board Wants an Ordinance Change

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COLUMBIA - The Citizen Police Review Board is reviewing the ordinance concerning their ability to access and address police misconduct files.

Under the current ordinance, the review board can see all concerns, complaints and appeals filed against police officers. But, they can only discuss open cases during their public review board meetings with the City Council. If a case is closed to the public, for example, a case involving a juvenile, the Citizen Police Review Board cannot bring up the case during their public session. The review board would like to possess the ability to publicly comment on these closed complaints and are drafting a proposal to change the ordinance. 

The police review board is in place to provide an independent review of all complaints filed against police decisions, including investigative findings and disciplinary actions assessed. If a citizen feels the police made a mistake, the citizen submits a concern, complaint or appeal, based on the degree and severity of the alleged mistake. The Citizen Police Review Board looks at the complaint and assesses whether the police made a justifiable decision and whether the punishment assessed was warranted.