Columbia Police Say Video Lost "Unimportant"

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Police officials said Friday the videos lost through a hard drive crash last week were unimportant to pending cases. The department lost about 6,300 videos last week after the physical hard drive failure.

Information systems analyst Richard Jenkins said the majority of the video, if not all, was unimportant such as police doing a daily, routine walk around check of their car, traffic stops, and video with no on-camera evidence. Jenkins said important video is tabbed and burned to a DVD right away as back up. He said it is rare that the missing video would cause problems and, worst case scenario, an officer would need to testify in court over a situation instead of having the video evidence.

Police said the hard drive took four hours to fix and is now up and running. The department is looking to replace the video server at the station in the near future, a project that could cost $21,000 to $22,000, according to Jenkins. He said that money could come out of narcotics seizure funds. Hard drives at the station have broken before, but video and information has been restored.