Columbia Police Take Down Warning Sign

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public Works department removed a sign Monday used last week to warn residents on the city's south side about increased burglaries.

Columbia Police public information officer Latisha Stroer told KOMU 8 News the police department borrowed it from public works because the department saw it as an efficient way to get the information out.

The sign warned drivers on Grindstone Parkway about increased burglaries in the area and cautioned area residents to lock their doors.

"We put out that information just to get the information out as quick as possible," Stroer said. "We thought about going door to door to put fliers out, but that's manpower intensive. So it's easier to borrow the sign from public works."

According to police data, there have been seven burglaries in the area near Grindstone Parkway and Bearfield Road in recent weeks.

The area is dense with college rental property, and police said many college students have left their doors unlocked, leaving their apartments open for thieves to take gadgets like laptops.

Property crime overall in Columbia is up slightly over the five year average.