Columbia Police to increase officers for Cinco de Mayo

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COLUMBIA - An American tradition for a Mexican holiday is calling for more police officers Tuesday night in Columbia.

Cinco de Mayo is a popular day for people to party and drink in celebration of the Mexican holiday. Cinco de Mayo means the "fifth of May."

The day commemorates a battle where the Mexicans defeated the French in 1862. It is not Mexico's Independence Day, despite the popular myth.

Columbia Police Sergeant Curtis Perkins said there will be an increase in patrol cars on the road Tuesday night. He said they will be looking for characteristics associated with drunk driving.

"We're looking for violations that are commonly associated with impaired drivers, whether it be excessive speed, risk taking that goes with drinking, or lane violations when you get behind someone and you're weaving in the traffic lane, or following too closely," Sgt. Perkins said.

Columbia police also said there won't be any driver checkpoints Tuesday night, just more patrol officers on the roads.