Columbia police to receive grant to prevent underage drinking

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department is receiving a $30,000 grant to help prevent underage drinking. 

The Youth Community Coalition (YC2) is giving the grant.

One way the department investigates underage drinking is to minors to an establishment to order a drink. If the bar or restaurant complies, the place could be issued a citation. If the establishment doesn't sell to the minor, the restaurant or bar passes. 

Kaleena Knuppel, a bartender at Room 38, said she always cards anybody who looks like they are under 30.

"I think places do need to be more proactive in carding. Here we're pretty stringent about carding, but I know it's usually a problem for other places," Knuppel said. 

The CPD's Public Information Officer, Bryana Maupin, said the police will use the grant for training, equipment and overtime wages for officers.

The documentation supporting the grant says $7,500 will be used on police uniforms, $6,500 on travel, $5,000 on instruments, computers/electronic items and miscellaneous items, and $1,000 on registration and tuition.