Columbia Police Unable to Confirm MKT Safety Concerns

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COLUMBIA - KOMU received posts about safety on the MKT Nature and Fitness Trail in Columbia. The posts were first made on an MU-related Facebook page and caught some attention from the public.

According to a post, two little girls approached one MU student on the MKT trail. The unnamed source said the girls attempted to take her back to her family. That post also said "police keep going back after reports, but they can't find him."

Joe Bernhard with the Columbia Police Department said they do get calls, but none matching these reports on the MKT trail.

"Once in a while we do get a call of people loitering but not of any incidents like that of people trying to entice people into the woods," said Bernhard. "As far as the reports of an Amish family living in the woods trying to entice people, we have not had any reports of that whatsoever on the MKT trail."

Columbia Police say they have not received any of these description or reports, but suggest safety in numbers when using the trail.