Columbia Police Warn Students of Increased Burglaries

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department is urging college students living in southern Columbia student housing complexes to be on alert as the area has seen a recent increase in burglaries.

The department analyzed crime data from August 13 to September 9.  It compared the data from that 28 day period to the previous 28 days.  But, the department said the South sector of Columbia, where many student housing complexes are located, saw an increase of burglaries from 23 to 32 burglaries.  The sector accounts for 32 of the 55 Columbia residential burglaries in that time period. 

The department has recently become more involved on social media and yesterday tweeted and posted on Facebook warning students living in the area to be on the lookout. The post also gave burglary prevention tips.

The department said its analyst found a pattern in which many of the burglaries occurred in apartment complexes occupied by students who left their doors and windows unlocked.

The CPD is also working with the MU Police Department to notify students of the recent increase in theft.  While the Police department found an increase in burglaries in that south sector, overall residential burglaries in Columbia decreased from 62 to 55.