Columbia Prepares for Ward Reapportionment

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Ward Reapportionment Committee will hold a public meeting Wednesday night to help decide which redistricting plan to use for the city.

The purpose of the meeting is to be a public forum in order to garner support for one plan or another.

This is the second public meeting the committee has conducted, but the first since it released two new plans, E and F.

Plan E looks very similar to the current districts, except the First Ward extends farther west. Plan F pretty much redraws all the ward lines.

"The thing about reapportionment is following the old principle of one man, one vote," committee chairman Robert Pugh said. "You need pretty much equal population to live up to the principle so that everybody has an equal chance."

The committee has drawn up five different options to redistrict the city after the results of the 2010 census.

"We need to redraw the lines based on population," Pugh said. "Each district needs an approximate population of 18,100. First Ward had the smallest population in the last census and Second Ward had the largest. We need to make sure they are close to equal."

After the meeting Wednesday night, the committe will have until September 15 to submit a final plan to the Columbia City Council.

The current district map:

Plan E:

Plan F:

List of city council members: