Columbia Public School Board Approves Bond Issue

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public School Board approved a $50 million bond issue to be put on the April Ballot at its meeting Monday night. If approved the issue would include a property tax increase for Columbia residents.  

The bond issue would raise property taxes 4 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. That money would go primarily toward building a new elementary school on the east side of Columbia in order to deal with overcrowding at other schools.

"Many people are aware that we have more students in trailers than we do physically in the building at Cedar Ridge Elementary, so as we continue to see growth on that side of town we need to be proactive," Columbia Public School's Michelle Baumstark said.

The money would also be used for other maintenance projects. Baumstark said some of those projects includes technology upgrades, additions to schools, and improvements to Douglass High School.

"We need to keep the current facilities that we have in good, quality order," Baumstark said.

This is the third bond issue requested by Columbia Public Schools, a $120 million bond issue passed in 2010 and a $50 million bond issue was approved by voters in 2012.

The full 10-year bond plan is on the Columbia Public School website.