Columbia Public School Board Discusses Gun Proposal

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public School board on Monday discussed changing a policy to allow school officials to carry a concealed weapon on school property.

The policy would let the Director of Security and the Assistant Director of Security carry concealed weapons, but would not require them to. Director of Security John White told the board in the event of an emergency he is the first to respond, and right now he is left defenseless.

The board expressed concerns with the policy. Some members thought the change was too reactionary to school violence in other parts of the country.

Several community members also voiced their concerns to the board, saying they were uncomfortable with their children being around guns.

One parent said she supports the policy as long as it is done safely.

"Anybody who is an armed officer or security guard there they would have to be really well trained in how to keep those kids away from the gun they're carrying," said Julie Thompson.

Monday was only the first reading of the proposal. The board plans to vote on the measure in June.