Columbia Public Schools and teachers union agree on new compensation

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COLUMBIA — Columbia Public Schools officials decided in a meeting Friday with the Columbia chapter of the Missouri National Education Association to increase teacher base salaries by an average of 5.77 percent.

CPS officials and the teachers union continued deliberations today involving financial compensation that started on Monday.

After two separate trips to their respective rooms, one deliberation lasting nearly an hour, the two groups came to a tentative agreement. 

Teacher's union spokesperson, Mary Grupe, said her group will hold a couple informational sessions for the public and for union members to become familiar with the agreement before they officially approve of it.

She said she was extremely happy with the outcome.

"It was a momentous event in a quiet room, which it's usually the other way in teaching where it's a very loud room and it's a lot of really small events. But we are so incredibly happy to see it move in this direction."

She said they expect the electronic voting and approval will take place in the first week in May or so.

Both sides said this was an important decision for the Columbia Public School System and they were glad an agreement could be reached.