Columbia Public Schools Close Campuses

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COLUMBIA - Thursday Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Chris Belcher sent out a letter to parents of students in the district that addressed rumors regarding the threat of violent acts.

The letter stated that the Columbia Police Department is looking into these rumors but has not found a source.

"Well right now they are trying to investigate the information that was given to us by the Columbia Public Schools System about a rumor that they had heard about violence with a gun. And right now we have investigators who are trying to validate that information," said Columbia Police Officer Latisha Stroer.

Most notably the letter stated that starting December 21st, Columbia Public Schools will implement several procedures.

Those procedures include: a closed campus (students may not leave campus with few exceptions), controlled access to the buildings, students may be searched, and an increase in police patrols around the building.


"This is a learning moment for students. In the real world you can't make jokes or inuendo or say false statements about htings so sensitive as school safety and shootings. If you do it in the airport you're detained," said Superintendent Chris Belcher.


The letter goes on to say that parents should make sure their children are aware of the consequences of hoaxes regarding school saftey.