Columbia Public Schools Considers Putting Wifi on Buses

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Schools may be giving students a new place to access the internet. Administrators are considering a plan to put Wifi access on school buses.

Columbia Public Schools Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said the plan is just in its initial stages right now, but the district is looking at different models for implementation.

Baumstark said the project would cost approximately $1,800 plus the costs of monthly service. She said implementing Wifi would allow students to study or work on homework during long bus trips.

To keep students on appropriate websites, Baumstark said the bus Wifi would use the same security currently used on their Wifi network in school buildings that blocks inappropriate sites.

Joplin Public Schools recently looked at a similar system to install Wifi in buses, and Baumstark said Columbia Public Schools has looked at Joplin's ideas as a possible model.