Columbia Public Schools Hosts Secondary School "Jump Start"

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COLUMBIA - Intermediate or secondary schools in the Columbia Public School District hosted optional "Jump Starts" for their students Monday.

The "Jump Starts" ran from normal school start time in the morning until around noon. Students had the opportunity to tour their schools and get their class schedules, meet their new teachers, and ask questions. Students recieved lunch before the end of the day. For many of the schools, the busses ran on their regular route to pick up the students for the "Jump Start."

This year Columbia Public Schools dismissed the old school system that included a differentiation for middle school and junior high before students enter high school. The new system they have opted for means students go from elementary school to a secondary or intermediate school and then a four-year high school.

Oakland Middle School principal Helen Porter is in favor of the switch. She said "students will face fewer transitions" with the new system.

Twin eigth graders Drew and Dre Tyler like their new intermediate school. "I like it, I like my teachers..." said Dre Tyler. 

The first full day of school is Tuesday.