Columbia Public Schools' no backpack policy in effect

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COLUMBIA - Football fans at Battle High School on Friday experienced Columbia Public Schools' new policy preventing kids from bringing bags to sporting events.

Columbia Public Schools announced the new "no-bag" policy on Wednesday. It bans students from bringing any types of bags to the events. Parents, athletes, and students who are participating in the event can still bring bags.

CPS said the goal of the policy is to increase safety. But Columbia resident Patricia Weaver attended Battle's game Friday, and said she doesn't think the policy helps.

"It's not always high school students that are causing all these issues," said Weaver. "A lot of times it's your mid-twenty, your older adult."

Weaver said if the policy is to increase safety, then no one should bring their bags, regardless of their age.

"We're kind of discriminating against these high school students," Weaver said. "They bring the backpacks all the time to school. What's the difference bringing it to a football game? It's no difference."

High school student Cody Brinkman, who also attended the game, said he students could bring their backpacks.

"I think everyone should bring a backpack, or a bag but just have it searched or quickly looked through," Brinkman said.

Brinkman also said people bring blankets and other things that would be easier to carry with a bag.

CPS now requires students from Pre-K to eighth grade must have a parent or guardian accompanying them at any sporting event.