Columbia Public Schools Plan for Next $50 Million Bond

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COLUMBIA - Voters passed a 10-year bond proposal in 2010 for new building and improvements in the Columbia Public School District. The bonds need to be voted on every few years in April to approve building plans. The facility planning committee met Monday to discuss plans for the next $50 million bond to be voted on in April 2014.

The bond from 2010 was used to build Battle High School, and the 10 year plan includes four new elementary schools to be built by 2020.

Columbia Public Schools plan to use the 2014 bond to be used for a new elementary school near the Cedar Ridge area.

"It would include an additional elementary school, looking to appease growth going on around the Cedar Ridge Elementary School," Michelle Baumstark of the CPS said. "The school has a capacity for about 100 students. There are 200 plus students, more students outside the building than inside the physical building."

Baumstark said CPS wants to take a more proactive and aggressive approach to the growth of students in Columbia.