Columbia Public Schools ready for winter road conditions

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COLUMBIA- Columbia Public Schools are ready for the winter with plans in place to deal with bad weather conditions.

With winter weather right around the corner, some parents may be worried about sending their children on busses to school.

But, Michelle Baumstark, community relations director for Columbia Public Schools, said the safety of the children and bus drivers comes first.

"We are certainly trained to deal with inclement weather situations and safety situations. We would not put a bus on the road if we feel it is unsafe in any way," Baumstark said.

First Student bus driver Tony Yonkman said there are certain procedures he follows to stay safe on the road.

"Buses typically run six seconds behind the car in front of them, but in inclement weather, the space cushion between buses and other vehicles could be up to 10 seconds," Yonkman said.

Safety-training meetings take place frequently, he said.

Last week, bus drivers attended meetings about weather-related issues that are likely to take place in the coming weeks.


Baumstark said that in certain situations, buses will take alternate snow routes, or the start of school could be delayed two hours to allow time for road conditions to improve.