Columbia Public Transit Buses Train For New Routes

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COLUMBIA - City transit buses began their training Sunday to implement new routes after the Columbia City Council approved the CoMO Connect plan in February.

Buses still drove around Columbia, but each one had a "Not In Service" or "Driver Training" sign warning passengers not to board.

CoMO Connect is a community project aimed at improving the city's transportation system, and Columbia Public Transit will adopt its new routes in July.

Some of the biggest changes will end the use of Wabash Station as the bus system's main hub. This also replaces the current "hub-and-spoke" or "orbital pulse" system which required routes to begin and end at Wabash.

The new system uses two commuter routes which will run both north to south and east to west directions to link smaller neighborhoods throughout the city. A third route will also be added, going as far as Prathersville.

The city of Columbia said there will be many more closed training days like this one in order for the bus drivers to be ready for the summer.

To see a map of the overall plans, click here.