Columbia Public Works Answers Questions about Possible Audible Signal Intersection

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works held an informal meeting at City Hall Wednesday night to answer questions about an audible pedestrian signal project for the Broadway and College Avenue intersection. 

Columbia Public Works is working on a design for new audible signals to help those with visual disabilities. The audible signal will continually make sound so pedestrians know where the cross walks are located. Once the button is pushed, the signal will give the pedestrian specific instructions on when and where to cross. 

"It will tell you to wait until it is safe to cross and you can then cross College Avenue or you can cross Broadway, kind of give you instructions on when it is safe to cross," Sam Budzyna, City of Columbia Engineering Specialist said. 

Budzyna said the signal will also become louder if there is a lot of noise traffic surrounding the intersection so pedestrians can still hear the signal. 

Columbia Public Works hopes to start construction as soon as the plan is approved by the city. The installation for this one intersection will cost about $70,000 which is $10,000 more than a normal cross walk installation. 

The project managers and engineers invited the community to City Hall to ask questions about the project and see the design plans. Citizens could view the design plans on a poster displaying the intersection. The meeitng helped give the project managers some feedback from the communtiy.

Most citizens supported the idea and were more concerned that there was not a cross walk already installed at the intersection. 

"We're really in support of it and we're excited that this is going to happen at the intersection of College and Broadway, we're surprised it didn't have one already," Mason Schara, MSA president said.