Columbia Public Works crews called out ahead of snow

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COLUMBIA - A few inches of snow may not bother some Columbia residents; however, Columbia Public Works said drivers and pedestrians should still be cautious while on the roads.

Columbia Public Works Public Information Specialist Steven Sapp said Columbia Public Works had been monitoring the forecast for the past couple of days and made plans based on the forecast. 

He said Public Works had a full crew that came in at 7 a.m., which is the normal start time for crews. The crews then stayed out all day to prepare for the snow. 

"As of three o'clock this afternoon, we have about 17 pieces of equipment out. They're on our first and second priority routes, which are the main routes throughout Columbia," Sapp said. 

Sapp said those routes include: Blue Ridge, Form Boulevard, and Vandiver Drive. 

Sapp said Columbia Public Works will be treating the roads with salt until they are in 'passable conditions'. 

MU student Celeste Tyler said she hasn't seen many snow trucks out and she's concerned about her safety on the roads. 

"Inches are piling up now, and we have class, and we all have things to do and it can be a little bit of an inconvenience. But the main thing is to be safe so for them not to be out is a little scary with a lot of people out traveling," Tyler said. 

Sapp said since the forecast has predicted less than four inches of snow, Columbia Public Works will not be going into residential areas. He said because of that those roads may experience an accumulation of snow and ice. 

Columbia Public Works recommends motorists take precautions especially on residential roads as well as main roads. 

Due to temperature dropping relatively low there is a chance of black ice on the roads. 

"We'll be putting salt on those first and second priority roads. Always people should watch for refreeze and again especially on those secondary roads and residential areas," Sapp said. 

Columbia Public Works said it will continue to monitor the forecast for Thursday and stay ahead with planning. 

Columbia Public Works provided drivers a list of safety recommendations: 


  • Give slow plows extra space on the roads 
  • Make sure vehicle is in good condition (tires, car fluids, gas, etc.) 
  • Keep a survival kit in your car (blanket, water, non-perishable food items) 
  • Keep cell phone charged 
  • Monitor weather forecast 
  • Allow extra time to get to your destination 
  • Wear safety belt