Columbia Public Works Says It's Ready for Snow Storm

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COLUMBIA - Up to 10 inches of snow could potentially fall on Columbia this weekend. Forecasts show the snowstorm beginning around 9 o'clock on Saturday evening and continuing through early Monday morning.

Despite recent salt shortages in the mid-Missouri area, Columbia Public Works said it has more than enough salt to combat the snow storm. The shortages in salt were not just a mid-Missouri issue, it's been occurring all across the nation.

Steve Sapp of Columbia Public Works said, "Road salt is certainly in short supply across much of the United States right now because of the severity and length of winter weather, but Columbia is fortunate enough not to be faced with this issue."

The department of Public Works has around 16 hundred tons of salt and began stocking the salt dome in July.

"Based on our average use per storm that will get us through another two or three storms" said Sapp.

During ice storms the department uses salt at a much faster rate, but with the current amount of salt the department could fight up to two ice storms.

Sapp said the department has its full fleet up and operational, and trucks began filling up with salt on Friday evening. Plow trucks will hit priority roads starting at 9 p.m. on Saturday.

"No Parking" bans will go into effect after 9 p.m. on priority roadways. Vehicles parked along priority roadways will be subject to tow at the owners expense. Plow trucks will work on residential neighborhoods once priority roads have been cleared.

To view priority snow routes click here.

(Editor's note: This story has been edited to reflect that up to 10 inches of snow is forecast, rather than 14. The headline was changed as well.)