Columbia ranked best place to survive a zombie apocalypse

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COLUMBIA – Columbia normally ranks highly for measurements like best place to live, best trails and best college town. But a new ranking is sending Columbia to the top of the charts.

FindTheHome recently ranked Columbia as the best place to survive a zombie apocalypse

Editorial Lead Natalie Morin worked alongside Product Lead Jamie Kent to determine a way to rank cities.

The two work for Graphiq, a data company that has access to information for every city in the U.S.

“We made three categories to classify the readiness of a city for a zombie apocalypse,” Morin said. 

Those three categories were resources, defense and demographics.

Resources include hardware stores, grocery stores, bodies of water and crop farms.

“[Columbia] had a high amount of home centers and home improvement stores, places where you’d be able to get the supplies you’d need,” Kent said.

Places that rank high in defense have access to guns, ammunition manufacturing and military bases.

Ideal demographics are people that are young and educated.

“[Columbia] really over-indexed on the amount of population that’s between 20-years-old and 34-years-old,” Kent said. “So we were thinking young people would definitely be able to ward off these zombies. And then you guys also really over-indexed on a high percentage of the population has a bachelor’s degree.”

This ranking helps groups on MU’s campus like Humans vs. Zombies.

Club president Joe Rexwinkle said, “I think this will really help us in the future because we’re kind of the resident zombie-based club around campus, so any sort of zombie popularity always benefits us and gets more people involved.”

Columbia Visitors Bureau Public Information Specialist Rachel Grant said she was surprised at the no. 1 ranking at first.

“But it makes sense once you think about it,” she said. “Well it’s kind of the perfect mix of rural and city. So we’ve got a lot of hunters, we’ve got a lot of gun shops, farms and then we also have a lot of grocery stores, hospitals, medical supplies.”

She said the rankings might bring more people into Columbia.

“Well people might think that they have better chances of surviving here for the zombie apocalypse, they might come swarming in,” she said. “We’re a great place to survive. And live.”