Columbia ranks in top 100 places to live

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COLUMBIA - listed Columbia in the top 100 most livable cities in America. 

Livability said its editors have broad experience studying and writing about factors that make a city a great place to live. Livability partnered with a research team from the Martin Prosperity Institute, which is a part of the University of Toronto.

"I think it's right, I like Columbia a lot," said James Kessel, an 11-year Columbia resident. "It's where I have a job, and good people to work with, opportunities to eat out at nice restaurants , opportunities to recreate, opportunities to work. Its just a nice place."

The study looked at more than 2,000 cities and analyzed data grouped into eight categories, from economics to housing to education. Researchers considered every city with a population between 20,000 to 350,000 citizens.

"The cities at the top of the list were often home to a major institution like a university, hospital or state capital," said Matt Carmichael, Livability's editor, in a news release.

Columbia has four colleges, including the University of Missouri, and three hospitals. Columbia is also experiencing major growth of businesses, especially in downtown, which at least one resident said is not a bad thing.

"We're definitely getting a lot bigger quickly," said Kandice Larissa, a Columbia resident. "I say that's a good thing because it means we're getting more people, and therefore we're having bigger and better things going on in Columbia."

Columbia ranked number 46 on Livability's scale.