Columbia Regional Airport plans to use grant for advertising

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Regional Airport is set to use a newly-awarded grant to attract new customers.

The $150,000 grant goes to the airport to improve its marketing and promotions. The State Aviation Trust Fund Air grant's total comes to $135,000, with the rest of the funds coming from the Transportation Sales Tax. The grant will go toward improving commercial advertising for the airport, including TV commercials, radio and print ads.

Chairman of the Columbia Regional Airport Advisory Board, Greg Cecil, said spending money on new advertising will hopefully bring in some new customers.

"We want to keep Columbia in everybody's mind so they don't forget about us. And then as we expand air service, they'll be thinking about Columbia. So it's really important that we enforce the marketing and advertising," Cecil said.

These improvements come with new a new 65-passenger jet, reconstruction of the runways and new air service that would reach to new destinations such as Charlotte and Denver.

"Having new air services is something that a lot of people should be made aware of. And unless we market and advertise it, nobody will ever learn," Cecil said.

This follows a $1.5 million grant the Federal Aviation Administration gave to Columbia Regional Airport to complete runway improvements that are scheduled for the next three to five years.