Columbia Regional Airport Stays Ahead of Snow

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COLUMBIA- Columbia Regional Airport stayed ahead of the snow this week to make travel easy for customers from all over the state.

Airport Manager Don Elliott said the airport was able to accomodate travelers by taking precautionary measures before the snow came and keeping the the runways clear inbetween arrivals and departures. Airport operators used brush trucks to keep the runways clear of snow accumulation throughout the day.

According to a Columbia Publics Works news release, travelers came from as far as Kansas City to fly out of state. Kansas City had about 9 inches of snow, causing the airport to cancel many outgoing flights. Columbia received roughly 5 inches of snow, but the airport was functional all week. The only delays travelers experienced at the airport were as a result of the de-icing process, conducted by the airline.

Columbia Regional Airport did experience some cancellations last weekend after a freezing rainstorm left a thick coat of ice on the runway- taking more than four hours to clear.