Columbia Regional Airport wraps up Salute to Veterans Air Show

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COLUMBIA - Bad weather caused the Salute to Veterans Air Show to wrap up the last day of the event early Sunday.

Although air show workers cancelled the last event, people still had the opportunity to watch pilots showoff their skills earlier in the day.

Bert Tompkins is a major in the U.S. Marines and said the air show allows Americans to reflect on those whose have served from the Revolutionary War to the current war in the Middle East. He also said it is a special time for Veterans.

"I think they just get a chance to be back with other folks in the military and just get to relive that feeling of camaraderie that they had while they were in, they kind of get to relive that in this environment."

Tompkins said he was excited to see all the different airplanes at the air show.

"There's a lot of good people out here," Tompkins said. "I was surprised to see the Canadian flight demonstration team, the Snow Birds, came out here and some interesting old airplanes that are flying such as the T-33."

Major Tompkins said the air show signifies every branch of the military because it is very visible. 

"Americans have a rich aviation history," Tompkins said. 

Sunday marked the 27th year the air show has come to Columbia Regional Airport.