Columbia Residents Have Options to Drive Safe

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COLUMBIA - After a night out, getting you and your car home safely can sometimes be a problem.  A new program in Columbia can help take away that hassle.  SmartRide is a taxi-like service that will drive you and your car home. 

Matt Lauman and partner Trevor Gibson started the organization in Columbia two months ago.  Since then they have driven more than 100 customers home. 

"We expected to only have 25 rides in our first month.  It seems that the added bonus of not having to worry about your car in the morning really is helping out," said Lauman. 

Since its opening Lauman says they have saved quite a few people from interference with the police.

"Many of our drivers already have been through sobriety checkpoints.  So we are really helping people not drive home intoxicated," said Lauman.

Officer Chris Perkins, Supervisor of Traffic Unit at the Columbia Police Department, said these sobriety checkpoints are reminding drivers to not drink and drive.

"Even if you have one intoxicated drink, you shouldn't get behind the wheel.  The DUI checkpoints are just a reminder of that," said Perkins.

And programs like SmartRide are making the choice to not drive easier.

"There are lots of programs in Columbia-STRIPES, taxis, designated drivers- we are just a different opportunity.  We just want residents to know they can go out and have a good time, and then know there is a safe way home," said Lauman.

You can make a reservation for SmartRide at this website