Columbia Residents Rally Againt President Obama\'s Plan to Back Israel

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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri residents gathered in Boone County Courthouse Square Tuesday to protest President Obama's support of Israel. 

Jeff Stack, an organizer of the protest, does not believe Israeli actions against the people of Gaza are just.  "The numbers are not right.  More people of Gaza are killed than Israelis," said Stack.

Rabbi Yossi Feintuch has lived in Israel and makes regular trips back and forth.  He has been watching the conflict closely.  "Just this morning, Israel has deflected 9 bombs though the iron dome system, to my previous home Be'er Sheva.  Israel does not want to hurt civilians, that is what makes us different than the Palestinians," said Feintuch.

Stack does stress that he mourns the death of all people, on both sides, and hopes there will be a resolution soon.