Columbia Residents React to President Obama Gay Marriage Stance

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COLUMBIA - President Barack Obama made a controversial announcement Wednesday when he said he now supports same-sex marriages. Dozens of Mid-Missourians sounded off about their opinions on the KOMU 8 Facebook page.

The LGBTQ community at MU embraced the announcement by President Obama. MU student Ashley Carpenter supports the community and Obama's stance.

"We all can't help who we fall in love with, whether that be racially or sexual orientation so others should be more open minded," Carpenter said. "The fact that he supports gay marriage has nothing to do with his beliefs as a Christian, but having that equality for all people is what's most important."

Carpenter went on to say, "You should look at his other policy, from foreign policy to whichever one, this is just one thing and it probably won't necessarily change legislation, so that shouldn't be a big factor in his reelection."

President Obama is the first president in history to take this stance.