Columbia residents with water irrigation systems may soon pay more

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COLUMBIA-  Public Water Supply District 9 had a meeting with Boone County residents to discuss water fees for people using irrigation systems supplied by the district. 
The agreement that District 9 has come up with states that they will allow lawn irrigation systems to utilize the water it produces, but wants to emphasize water conservation. It recommends that customers use 0.623 gallons of water per square foot per week, which will amount to 6,230 gallons per 10,000 square feet of irrigated water.
Those with irrigation systems will be expected to pay a minimum of $10.00 per month if they fall within a range from 0-19,999 gallons of water used per month. After the consumer exceeds this amount, an extra $10.00 per month will be added to their bill for every additional 10,000 gallons of water. The irrigation system fees will go toward the repair and maintenance of existing water sources and the development of new water sources for Public Water Supply District 9.
"The customers that are paying for the water they are using, we have implemented a supplemental fee for irrigations sytems to offset the demand that they put on our distribution system," district manager of Water Supply District 9, Roger Ballow said.
Usage range amounts will be reviews annually and adjusted based on the three highest months of usage during the months of April through October. For new irrigation system installations, the initial usage range rate will be based
upon the first three months’ usage and adjusted at the end of the calendar year for the following years charges.
"Developers chose not to have irrigation systems for their customers so we allowed them to hook up to our system, and so this is just a fee we set up to offest the burden on our system due to the irrigation systems," Ballow said.
Customers who wish to avoid the charges for irrigation systems will need to deactivate their irrigation system by physically separating the irrigation system from the Public Water Supply. After doing so, the work must be inspected and verified by district staff and a deactivation form must be signed. Those who reconnect their irrigation systems without prior notification to the Public Water Supply will be fined $500 in addition to the irrigation system fee charges for the months the system was active prior to the district staff being notified.