Columbia Responds in the Aftermath of Brookside Fire

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents expressed concerns Monday about the future of the smoldering apartment construction at Walnut and College, just as some draw inspiration from the rubble.

Students worried about where they will live next year, but community members also voiced  concerns about the effects of the fire as well.  Environmentalist Christian David Robinson told KOMU 8 News that many environmentalists worry about the waste of materials as a result of the fire. He expressed concerns about the large amount of resources already used on the project and how even more will be needed now.

Robinson also commented on the possible pollution that may arise from the fire's remains and said that people need to look at more than just consumer and business concerns when analyzing the fire.

People are also trying to make the best of the situation.  Artist Mark Nanneman told KOMU 8 News he is using the remaining building and rubble as inspiration for his paintings.  He is chronicling various parts of Columbia life and said he thought Brookside and the fire were a way to look at Columbia's future.

As far as the fire itself, the Columbia Fire Department said the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. The department hopes to have more information by the end of the week.