Columbia Restaurant Might Be Demolished

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COLUMBIA - Adjacent to Booches in downtown Columbia, The Rome sits waiting. It has been closed since June.

The Rome's owner, Cory Hodapp, applied for permission to demolish the building on Aug. 26. Hodapp initially wanted to do renovations to the restaurant, but after reviewing what it would cost to complete all of the renovations, he thought it would be a better financial decision to demolish the entire building, according to the Columbia Tribune.

The application for demolition will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission because the building is more than 50 years old.

Hodapp wants to rebuild on the same property, and construct a commercial storefront property with three levels of residential property above it, according to the Columbia Tribune.

An auction of nearly 500 items will be held at the restaurant on Sept. 3, and items up for bid include silverware, plates, and ceiling fans, according to Top Shot Auctions.

The restaurant storefront only has a sign on the door mentioning the reconstruction, with no dates or plans specifically posted.