Columbia restaurants roll out the "dough" for True/False

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COLUMBIA - Local food joints are working around the clock in preparation for this weekend's True/False Film Festival.

Cafe Berlin is among those restaurants, and one employee said the rush is only just beginning.

"We're going to be really busy," host and cook Graham Kennedy said. "We're prepping a ton of food right now, making tons of biscuits."

And the biscuits don't stop inside the cafe.

"We're ordering lots of beer, and we've got the biscuit truck back there working," Kennedy said.

He also said Cafe Berlin expects an even bigger crowd since it's expanded.

"We've got a lot more tables this year than we did last year too, so we'll probably be able to rock people out pretty quick here," Kennedy said.

Other shops racing the clock include Harold's Doughnuts and Pizza Tree.

Harold's owner Michael Urban said his employees begin 24-hour preparation today, while Pizza Tree said it ordered 1,000 pounds of flour just for this weekend.