Columbia roll cart vote approaching in March

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COLUMBIA - The roll cart issue that has caused much debate over the past few years may be rolling to somewhat of a conclusion.

The Presidential primary election in Boone County on March 15 will include a special proposition for Columbia voters.

The language in the proposition does not convey a straight "for roll carts" or "against roll carts" vote.

The proposition is set up so a "YES" vote will support an ordinance to prohibit roll carts for refuse and recycling collection and continue with the current system in place. A "NO" vote will be in opposition to the ordinance and allow continued discussion of using roll carts. 

For Columbia residents like Wendy Hofmann, there is growing concern that voters will be under informed.

"I don't know that people know what they're voting for," Hofmann said. "The ballot language is a little vague and people need to understand what they're voting for."

Hofmann is not the only one who thinks the language used in the proposition is difficult to understand.

"It's a little confusing," Columbia Recovery Superintendent Nick Paul said. "It's got the yes and no factor, and when you say yes you want something and when you say no you don't want it, so it's going to confuse people."

Hofmann said she supports the adoption of roll carts instead of the current plastic bag system.

"I don't have a choice," Hofmann said. "I have to use plastic bags for the garbage and recycling pickup and I really would like to do something else to put fewer plastic bags into the landfill."

Below are pictures of how the proposition is supposed to appear on the ballot via the Boone County Clerk's office.