Columbia Routes To Close With Snow

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COLUMBIA - The city is taking a different approach to deal with this year's snow season.

The Public Works Department's street manager Scott Bitterman said the city turned all of the priority routes into snow routes this year.

"What the snow routes do is that they allow us to get the roads quicker and allow those roadways to be open for emergency response," Bitterman said. "Some of the main roads include Broadway, Nifong Boulevard, Old 63 and many more."

Also, Bitterman said cars will not be allowed to park on certain roadways.

"When there is over two inches of snow, motorists can't park," Bitterman said. "We need those roads cleared and if motorists decide to still park there, we will possibly be out ticketing and towing."

All of the motorists KOMU 8 News spoke with said they agree with the new change.

"I think that might compromise a lot of traffic," Scott Clemens said. "Those are some major ways to get about town and I think there's going to be a learning curve where motorists will have to adapt to that and find alternative routes."

Another motorist, Scott Ribolt, said he thinks the new change is wise.  

"The city crews have a hard enough time to clear the roadway anyway. It's just hindering for them to be there," Ribolt said. "There's a few times where I feel like they've slacked off a bit, but for the most part, they do a good job."

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