Columbia "RVLution" Kicks Off With Best-Selling Author

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COLUMBIA - A 90-day fitness program based on an alternative to traditional dieting launched at Wilson's Fitness on Saturday, marking the group's first true launch event in the United States. 

Columbia "RVLution," sponsored by MonaVie, aims for participants to lose a combined 2,000 pounds (one ton) by following a program designed by fitness guru Mark MacDonald. The best-selling author told the crowd to "ditch dieting" and instead embrace the physiology of blood-sugar. MacDonald said "RVLution" launched in Dallas in January, but his entire crew had not traveled to a single event together until it visited Columbia this weekend. 

RVLution participant Duane Hancock has already lost about 80 pounds, but he's now trying to shed additional weight through RVLution. 

"It is a life changing kind of thing," Hancock said. "I have 28 grandkids and I want to be around for them for a long time."

About 50 people of all ages to the event, including college students. To join RVLution, visit the group's Facebook page at the following link