Columbia's Biggest, Littlest KU Fan

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BOONE COUNTY - It's tough for fans when they see their favorite college athletes move on to the next step in their careers. KOMU 8's Drew Brackett tells us about one fan who was heartbroken when learning her favorite players will not be on the team next season.

Meet four year old Audrey Bauer. It's safe to say she's the biggest KU fan in the Columbia area. She has a KU bed, a KU purse, and not to mention, KU slippers. Audrey gets that KU spirit from her dad.

Audrey's dad Tony explained, "I would be watching all the games and she'd just want to watch them with me. Next thing you know, she knew last year's team. She knew all the players and she wanted to go to a game and we surprised her and brought her to a game. She's been a pretty big fan ever since."

And what a surprise it was. Audrey got to meet her favorite KU players. "I love Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson, Ben McLemore." But then one night, Audrey asked her dad about going to watch Withey and Johnson play this upcoming season. "She didn't really realize they weren't going to be there next year and the next thing you know I had to explain that the whole team is going to be gone," says Tony. "She didn't take very well to that."

"No KU basketball team anymore." "Why don't you want to watch them?" "I can't..." "Why?" "Because there are no players now." "There's new players. Are you happy there's new players?" "I don't like them, I don't like any of them." A video that Audrey's parents posted on facebook went viral. "Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore, Elijah Johnson. And you're sad that they're graduating? It's ok, there'll be new players." "No." "You don't want any new players at all?" "No, I can't even watch KU anymore."

But not to worry, Audrey is back to being excited about KU basketball. She is excited to watch Andrew Wiggins, the nation's number one recruit, play this upcoming season.

The college basketball season tips off in November.