Columbia's film festivals ranked as "coolest" in the world

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COLUMBIA - Both True/False Film Festival and Citizen Jane Film Festival recently appeared in the "The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2015," according to MovieMaker Magazine.

Paul Sturtz, founder and director of the True/False Film Festival, said he was honored by the recognition.

"I think we're in the perfect town for a festival in that it's not too big, it's not too small," Sturtz said.

The Citizen Jane Film Festival is held every year in October and the True/False Film Festival is held in March. Both festivals are located around downtown Columbia.

Mike Atkinson, owner of the Candy Factory downtown, said he was proud of the ranking since the festivals are good for business.

Atkinson said his business is specifically impacted by the success of True/False because he provides chocolates for some of the events during the festival.

"Citizen Jane Film Festival and True/False Film Festival being recognized by national media, that helps the whole downtown community as well as Columbia," Atkinson said "It kind of puts us on the map."

"There's a lot of investment and a lot of affection for the festival so I think that comes through when visitors come from out of town, they see the love and good feeling of the festival," Sturtz said.

According to the article, 14 of the 25 "coolest" festivals were located in the United States.