Columbia's Natural Health Expo kicks off for the first year

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COLUMBIA – Columbia businesses are coming together to encourage community members to lead healthy and balanced lives.

Keystone Chiropractic & Sensory Development Center is hosting the first Columbia's Natural Health Expo, which aims to spread awareness of health and natural life choices.

The event will go from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia.

The event includes 16 natural and healthy minded vendors that will give presentations and have information to help people make healthy choices more achievable.

Nicole Safley is a vendor at the event representing Isagenix, a nutritional cleansing company.

“We’re fortunate to have the university and all the healthcare, we have such infrastructure that supports health with the trails,” Safley said. “But I think this is the key to bringing some of the awareness in a community that’s pretty much under represented, the natural healing and health community, and just elevating that to the level that it deserves.”

Another vendor, owner of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Bridget Mack, said this event is a great chance for people to come together.

“People are looking for natural ways to stay healthy, to keep their families healthy,” Mack said. “And I think this is just a great opportunity to figure out, ‘hey, what are some ways that we can come and learn about that.’”

There will also be six speakers throughout the day that will address various topics for people to tackle health issues naturally.

Aaron Cunningham, a chiropractor who helped organize the event, said he wants to make the expo an annual event that grows into something the community looks forward to every year.

“I’m excited to have people see that we’re trying to be a leader in the community for the community, not just for ourselves, not for Keystone Chiropractic, not just to build or little clinic here in Columbia, but really to make a change,” Cunningham said. “So that when people hear Dr. Aaron or Keystone Chiropractic, they understand why they are a part of the community, they’re trying to bring people together, like minded people to really make a difference.”

People can also enter drawings for free products and services and take part in hourly prize giveaways.

The expo is free and open to the public.

The vendors for the event include the following:

Aqua Zero

Connective Health Massage Therapy

Restoration Chiropractic



Family First Chiropractic

It Works


Essential Oils

Oxi Fresh


Facial Boutique

Makes Scents


Dr. Allemann