Columbia\'s youth to discuss solutions for discipline in schools

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's young people will get a chance to give their input Tuesday at the Youth Advisory Council meeting on how to handle disciplinary actions in Columbia Public Schools (CPS) for the upcoming school year.

This follows an agreement between CPS, the Columbia Police Department (CPD), the Boone County Sheriff's Department and the Juvenile DIvision of the 13th Judicial CIrcuit Court that allows the schools to handle discipline in the cases of minor incidents. The agreement was designed to foster a better understanding and a more uniform way for schools to handle cases.

Tuesday's meeting will be the first time students get to give their opinions since the agreement was reached. One local city councilperson said it is important to hear their opinions

"We always have the adult perspective and law enforcement perspective, but we never really ask the youth perspective," Ward 5 Councilperson Laura Nauser said.

Tuesday's discussion will give the youth representatives a chance to suggest potential solutions to problems that may arise during the school year.