Columbia Safetys new facility could add jobs in Columbia and beyond

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Safety's acquisition of a 100,000-square foot facility in North Columbia could bring as many as 50 jobs to the city, the company said Tuesday. 

Columbia Safety calls itself an international leader in safety and performance gear distribution and says it has doubled in size in each of the past six years.

The company's marketing manager, Alex Giddings, said the acquisition of this new facility will add jobs to the city.

"The jobs will come in all of our core areas, which are sales, marketing, customer service, and there will be increased warehouse and logistical positions," Giddings said.

As the company tries to expand to the rest of the United States, Giddings said, there could be job opportunities for current Columbia residents elsewhere as well. 

"Since this is our first location, we've actually had a couple transplant employees that have gone down to launch Atlanta. And, you know, that will probably be the case for future locations as well," Giddings said.

In the last three years, the company has grown its workforce, which could mean more jobs in the future, if it continues to grow at its current pace, Giddings said.

Company founder Beau Aero said, "Our staff has tripled and we have filled every inch of warehouse space. We're excited to be expanding our business in Columbia, and we are pleased to continue supporting the community that has supported us."

The new headquarters will include several amenities, including: 

  • 4,000-square foot training facility
  • 16,000-square foot office
  • Indoor climbing towers
  • 1,500-square foot employee-wellness center
  • Gym
  • Two-story slide
  • Film and photography studio with live production capabilities

Connell Architecture P.C. will help renovate the building and GloveCon in Fulton is the general contractor of the renovation project. 

The last time the existing building was occupied was 2009, when Warren Buffet's MITek, a $1 billion construction products supplier, was there. 

According to Columbia Safety, the building will begin serving as its world headquarters in early 2017.